SQL db to native - database failure

I have a problem with a Navision SQL database that has been converted to a native database. This is how it goes 1. A navision backup is taken of a SQL database that is already in production 2. The backup is restored as a native database 3. When testing the primary keys of the native database using the built in Navision functions (or taking another backup) it reports a database failure. I have had a similar problem with databases in Greece (all native thou) and to solve it there I had to make sure that the backup was taken with a correct stx file (the stx file on the client taking the backup) and restored also with the same stx file. So it is probably due to different sorting methods.

What version of SQL Server is the backup from? If it’s SQL Server 7, check the collation setting for the SQL Server or if it’s SQL Server 2000, check the collation setting for the database in that SQL Server. I know I found problems when doing the opposite procedure that you’re doing and it was to do with the collation setting that SQL uses. Also, I had problems from connecting clients who were setup with different Locales to the SQL Server, but I would check the collation settings first. Hope this helps

Thanks for the info. We are running SQL Server 2000 and the collaction characterset is 1252. At the time we installed the Navision server 850 wasn´t available on the server. I can imagine that this is the problem because the sorting is strange, for instance if you have integer values in a code field it sorts it 1,10,11,2,20,3 etc. This resembles the problem with the Greek database as I mentioned because the alphabet lookst different with their stx file. Could there be that there exists a special stx file for this from Navision?

Bjarni, It maybe worth backing the Navision SQL Server database up, creating a new one making sure it is the same as the codepage settings of the client machines, and then restoring the backup into the new database. [;)] It definately sounds like this is the problem because I was working on a system that had the same problem and I found this out by, when searching in the object designer for an object, the case sensitive wouldn’t work! Try it! Let us know how you get on. [:)]

This is what I intended to do. The strange thing is that Navision recomends that you use codepage 1252 for the collation if 850 is not available. I´ll keep you posted when I have done this.