SQL Database connectivity

Dear All

I have one of my prospect who is wiiling to have Navision with SQL server option,he is also having some other web based application which is running on sql server.

what they want that we also have the Navision Database on same sql server & then have some integration with that application to fetch data from that Database to Navision.

so we have both database on same sql server & now we have to acheive connectivity.

what will be possible way of connectivity between these two database.

any Example using odbc ?

can we write sql query from Navision sql server option to fetch data from other database.

please help me out.



What version of Navision do you have?

Hi Ashish,

If You need realtime update between the 2 DB’s, I would have an SQL-dude (or dudette :wink: write some functionality for that on SQLserver-level.

I have a customer with more or less the same setup, and they have some Stored Procedures written for this purpose.
Then Trigger-code on SQLserver calls them. (push)
Remember to rebuild the triggers on SQLserver, if the objects are replaced from Navision.
Or there are other datadistribution-tools on SQLserver that can be used.

Actually we have a DB between the 2 DB’s, so that I have no access at all to the other App., and vica versa.
Also this setup have been usefull to determine the origin of errors.


DTS/SSIS might also be another possible solution.

Thanks all of you for your valuable suggestion.

Dear Erik :I am using Navision 4.0 SP2

Dear Alexander Pallesen:Can u please update more about the solution,

Can I run some SQL Query from Navision (using Sql server database option).How i can achieve this.

Dear Diptish what is this DTS/SSIS i m new to this.

can i have some simple way to achieve this.




I think I understand what you asking for.

My recommendation would be to create a table in Navision that handles static data from your other application and then use NAS to poll this table for data to import into your Navision system.

This can be done using a sproc, function, DTS, or SQL Query from your other application.