Hello, I cannot manage to execute the following request via C/ODBC into a Data Tranformation Service of SQLServer UPDATE “SNDB” SET “N° contrat MERLIN”=(SELECT “SNDB_tampon_MERLIN”.“N° contrat MERLIN” FROM “SNDB_tampon_MERLIN”,“SNDB” WHERE “SNDB_tampon_MERLIN”.“N°”=“SNDB”.“N°”) error: expecting identifier in place of the SELECT or UPDATE “SNDB” SET “N° contrat MERLIN” = “SNDB_tampon_MERLIN”.“N° contrat MERLIN” WHERE “SNDB_tampon_MERLIN”.“N°”=“SNDB”.“N°” error: missing column envt: server 1: Windows 2000 Navision Financials 2.6E + C/SIDE C/SIDE DB containing SNDB + SNDB_tampon_MERLIN tables server 2: Windows 2000 DTS "SQLServer" DTS executes an update request on the C/SIDE SGBD. Could you help me to find the good SQL C/SIDE Best regards, Pascal Sans

I am no sure but you can try UPDATE “SNDB” SET “N° contrat MERLIN” = “SNDB_tampon_MERLIN”.“N° contrat MERLIN” FROM “SNDB”, “SNDB_tampon_MERLIN” WHERE “SNDB_tampon_MERLIN”.“N°”=“SNDB”.“N°” Hope this helps.

No unfortunatly: FROM is not accepted