SQL and random errors

Here is the situation: We are using version 3.6a for SQL. Ship and Invoice part of the Order. Ship and Invoice the remaining part of the order. Go to the posted invoice for the final billing. Print the Invoice. Error: Sales Header XXXX does not exist. The invoice actually does print however. After the first printing, the error never occurs again. We have also seen errors on Post and Print where the same error as above happens only it’s for the prviously posted order! i.e. you are posting 4551 and the error is on order 4550. Has anyone seen anything like this before? By the way, we can not replicate it on the Native database.

Hello, I have seen this error with a customer on the Native database NA360DK. I do not know the solution and would of course be interested as well. br Anders

FYI: Navision has a hot fix for this. It is a SQL version problem.

What is the quickest way to get this hotfix??

Contact your NSC, they have access to all the Hotfixes.