SQL and multi-processors

Van anybody tell me why Attain 3.10 on a 4-processor server running on a SQL-database only uses 1 of the processors and Crystal Reports uses all 4? Thanks

You have to set SQL up so that it will use > 1 processor. During the install of SQL the question is asked, and you can change it somewhere via the enterprise manager, but don’t ask me where … been a long time.

Configure SQL Server Properties, Processor tab, define the required parallellism.

I’ve checked that, and it says “Use all available processors”. Any more ideas???

Attain is just sending queryies and modification statements etc. to SQL server in the usual way (usual meaning it is just another ODBC application). It is up to SQL Server to utilize the processors, memory and other resources as it likes when servicing the requests. There is nothing being sent by Attain to direct SQL Server to use resources in any particular way; indeed there is no way to do this. What is Attain doing on the database in terms of query load, and what is Crystal Reports doing? Is there a reason more than 1 processor should be utilized for the operations being performed by Attain?

Crystal Reports is just making a report with data from more than 1 table, so that’s nothing special. Problem we have in Attain is the batch-posting of 20.000 invoices which takes about 6 hours.

It is a dynamic process. When SQL thinks there is no need to use a second processor it will not. there is no way to change this behaviour I think.

Do you mean SQL Server uses all 4 when crystal reports is running against it as a client, or that the crystal reports process itself is using 4?

I think it’s the first, but I must check. The reports that are designed are placed on the company’s intranet for everybody to use, and when somebody runs a report you can see the server running full speed using all processors.