Sql and Copy and Paste

Hi everyone, Here is a question I have been asked by someone from my company: I have a client running Attain Manufacturing 2.6 on SQL. She was trying to put into Excel a list of all of their Production BOMs. She ran a list using F5, copied the list and pasted it into Excel. She got around 700 records. She then exported the list using a dataport from the same table (Production BOM Header) and got around 1000 records! She checked for duplicates and there weren’t any. She found a record in the large list that wasn’t in the smaller one, and went and checked the F5 list on screen, and the record was there! She made sure she released all filters and tried it again with the same result. I had her go to the table in the Object Designer and run it and then copy it to a spreadsheet, and she got another different number! They are in the process of re-vamping their numbering schemes for production BOMs so it is really important that she know she has them all in the system. Does anyone know why there would be a difference in these numbers? Could it be a SQL thing? I have a copy of her database, but am not running it on SQL, and don’t have these issues. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks, Cristi Nicola

Hi, Might be happen because of windows copy and paste buffer limitation.