SQL and code pages

We have a problem accessing a sql-database (2.60D/F clients) due to code page errors (cp on client does not equal that of the server). We run sql server 2000, the collation name of the server is Latin1_General_CI_AS and the collation name of the database in question is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1-CI-AS. We couldn’t find this (exact) name in the drill down menu when we installed the sql server. Also, we have tried to create a new database and then restore the backup into it, but after the restore, the collation name had been changed to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1-CI-AS. We would very much appreciate any suggestions of how to solve this problem. Regards Arild Liahagen

wmarlia, Instead of trying to get more information out of you, search this site for other topics - this has been discussed before. [:)]