SQL 7.0 sp3 win2k Navi 2.6a Ver. Problem

Hello all. Any one got any ideas about this? Why is Navision 2.6a still saying that the SQL 7.0 need to be updated when I have installed sp 3. Is there a compatablity problem here? When running on Win2k server with SQL 7.0 sp3 and Navision 2.6a. or is it a SQL version problem. Welcome any input. Regards Graham

I guess you’re talking about Navision Financials and not Navision 3.x (the DOS, OS/2 product). Topic moved from N3 - Developer/Technical to Attain/Financials Technical forum.

Please state the error message that you are seeing.

Hello Robert When selecting the database name from Navision SQL client I got the following Error massage. Before the server can be used with Navision you must upgrade to version 07.00.0842 or later. sp3 for SQL 7.0 is version 7.0.977

There may be a problem with your 7.0 installation. Microsoft versions for 7.0: Release: 7.00.623 SP1: 7.00.699 SP2: 7.00.842 (required by NF) SP3: 7.00.961 My 7.0 SP3 installation also reports 7.00.961, but you have quoted 977. Do you have a hotfix on the server perhaps? Can you try the test on a separate 7.0 installation, with a newly downloaded SP3 from Microsofts web site, to see if it is something specific with your problem server alone.

Hi Robert. I Have find the problem. I needed to run the service pack as well. Not just down load it and unpack it.(I was thinking that the unpacking process was the running of the SP). Silly me. Thankyou for you input. CBS Vserige AB +46 (0)8 764 74 25 graham@cbs.se