SQl 2005 Service Pack 3

For those who haven’t heard, SQL 2005 Service Pack 3 has been release by Microsoft. As I understand it, its more of an official package containing the cumulative updates, rather than new functionality.


I’m planning on doing some testing of this SP in the near future. I’d be interested to hear others experiences with SP3 should they also be testing.

cheers, Mark

Hi Mark,

I would love to hear the results of your testing as well. Is this service pack something we should jump on and install ASAP or not?

For the complete (I think) history of SP2 and its updates: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/937137

There is quite some history to this service pack. Apparently SP2 was going to be the last update for 2005, but community pressure seems to have pushed MS to release SP3.

For this reason, and everything I have read on the net, I really want to learn as much as possible before applying this service pack.

We’re in a lucky situation where we are building a new server for our NAV installation. After testing was complete against the SP2 config, I installed SP3 which will now get fully tested. So far we’ve done a high level test SP3 and everything seems Ok.

  • Creating Orders
  • Posting
  • Invoice & statement generation
  • Jet Reports 7.1

In the new year I will update this thread with my experiences.

I’m following this tread. I would love to listen to all your comments, sometimes a single improvement service pack can be quite disastrous, mainly in quite large implementations.

I thought I would update this thread - some time has passed.

We have been running NAV 5.0 in live, test and development systems with service pack 3 since almost the beginning of the year. We have not experienced any issues or problems in that time period.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have problems though…

cheers, Mark