SQL 2005 on Axapta 3.0

Hi all,

I am currently working with a customer who has just upgraded to SQL 2005 and is now experiencing major performance problems with normally simple process transactions in Axapta - pick note generation, delivery note printing etc

Service pack 3 has been in place for some time and as SQL 2005 was put in a couple of days ago - the problems seem to have started at around the same time as SQL 2005 upgrade.

If anyone has experienced such performance problems, I’d be glad to hear from you.



Hello Monty,

I don’t know specifically about the problem you describe, but has the Kernel Rollup for Axapta been applied as part of upgrade to SQL2005?


Yep, Phil, the kernel roll up was done ok.


Hi Monty,

One of the installations where I work has Ax 3.0 / SP4 / KR 5 and MS SQL Server 2005. It is quite a large installation and we haven’t noticed any drop in performance.

Perhaps is the issue like somewhere else? Could you let us know more info about this installation please?


Hi all,

Apparently our problems where mainly to do with the way a lot of the specific code was written. A typical example is the use of the ‘while select’ function which ‘pumped’ a lot of energy from the system during inventory processing because the selections were made ‘in’ the process as opposed to being done in a separate table so as not to perturn the main sytem.

As you can tell I express myself in laymans terms but, suffice to say, that after checking a lot of the code we are now having less trouble.

Thanks for your responses.