SQL 2005 and Client Navision 4.0 SP2 Update 3 Mysterium

Hello out there,

right now i’ve got a new issue with our beloved navision…

first the facts: Navision DB 2.60, Navision Client 4.0 SP2 Update 3, SQL Server 2005 SP1 (Enterprise)

After converting the database from sql 200 and 3.70 to 2005 and 4.0 by recovering a navision backup into a new database we have a strange problem.

If the users try to set an Applied Entry into the lines (Journal or sales/purchase line) the entry form opens filtered by the account / item. now the form hangs and there is no chance to get back the client must be closed. so far so bad. if i try this from the same machine, client, computer with my account (same user rights / setup) the form opens fine the applied entry can be set without problems. the only difference between the other user is that i’ve created the database. even the db_owner role doesn’t change anything. (now i’ve got to say that we have a pretty hughe database with round about 14 million g/l ledger entries and 7 million item ledger entries but that doesnt seem to be a problem for my account)

has anyone an idea how to avoid this problem? (sql jobs like update / create stats runs every night, rebuilding indexes every weekend)

thank you

Apparently there is a private hotfix for SQL 2005 that will solve this issue. I cannot confirm this yet but am investingating the same problem I am having - when opening lists of big navision tables (filtered) it causes the client to hang.

do you know if this hotfix is available when i ask for it at ms?

and will it be included in sp2 for sql 2005?

I do not know much more, sorry. I have just heard that Microsoft can issue a private hotfix wich may solve the problem. Further than that I cannot help. My source of information is based on a conversation with another developer at a conference last week and he mentioned that it is likely a SQL 2005 issue and not navision and so I should check with Microsoft support as I have mentioned above. If I find a solution I will update this post… [:(]