Splitting production order duplicated Purchase order created

Hi all,

My customer is facing a production order issue, the scenario is:

Customer created a production order with qty 200, this production order has the subcontractor route that will generate sub-con purchase order. User then split the original production order into 10 child production order for internal control purpose with respective sub-con purchase order, when split until the last Qty 20 for the original production order, system will abandon the original purchase order and create a new purchase order. It caused we need to find and deleted the abandoned PO to avoid user posted to the wrong PO. Kindly advice is there any setting or workaround for this issue?



The workaround would be to create the production order in sets of 10 for internal control purposes at the start. I do not believe there is a setting that would impact on this, I can only suggest you report the action if you can replicate it in Contoso in the version you are running.