Splitted Database - Performance

In terms of performances when using splitted FDB files (Native DB) what’s better : Having 12 small FDB files or having 4 larger ones ?

if you can split each file to a seperate harddisk then take the 12 small else take as much as you have separate disks. if you need more files than disks available use as less as posiible files

12 small disks is probaly something like 2,5 times faster that 4 larger. Up to 8 disks You have a linear performance gain compared to the number of disks You add. After the first 8 disks the performance gain still is there but is not linear. Also keep in mind to use fast disks. It’s a big difference between 10K and 15K disks.

I think Tarek was referring to having multiple database parts on the same drive, is that so Tarek? If not then see Lars’ comments above. If so, you should not have more than one FDB part per logical/physical drive set. So if you have 8 drives as RaID 1, i.e. 4 drives = 4 FDBs.

Our problem is that we currently have 12 FDB files on the same Drive, this particular DB is about 30 Gigas, and we’re now experiencing major performance issue. So we’re looking at optimizing this, I think we’re going to try to have 4 large FDBs and split them over 2 drivers (2 FDBs on each drive)

OK. Now I see You have a problem… Almost no use going to 2 drives. You need a lot more than that. I would say 10 disks with a 3Gb file on each (and mirrored = 20 disks). That should be a more correct config.