Split purchase order quantity but keep references


when i create a works order with subcontractor operation and estimate/schedule it AX automatically creates a purchase order and creates a reference between works order and purchase order line.

Unfortunately in some cases subcontractor can delivered partly quantity on requested date and remaining quantity on later date. We then manually decrease quantity on “original” purchase order line and create another line with partly quantity and new confirmed delivery date. The problem is that new line doesn’t have reference to the works order (even if i do marking) and we are loosing traceability but also when updating Packing Slip we have to manually enter production journal bookings for the new line.

Ideally i would like to be able to split the quantity of the purchase order line but keep the reference on both “original” and new lines to the works order. Any ideaswill be much appreciated :slight_smile:

thank you,


Why cannot you just receive it with out changing the purchase qty and simply changing the receive now quantity…

I agree with Kranthi, you are causing the issue here with your processing, receive the part quantity in and set the confirmed date for the balance.

thanks for your comments. We split order lines so we can better measure supplier delivery performance.

You would still be able to report on it from the transactions, no need to split the line for a reporting requirement. In my opinion if you insist on this for unnecessary reporting reasons then you live with the consequences.