Split order in Warehouse management

Hi, Now I’m working with Warehouse management on NA 3.01. There are 1 purchase order but 2 receipts. Therefore I’d like to split the order and post (receive) it to 2 different posting date. Can I do it in Warehouse receipt? Thanks

Hi, You have to adjust the posting date at the order header and change the product quantity number in the fields <Qty. to Receive> and <Qty. to Invoice> in order details according your first shipment requirements. After posting the order you’ll see the first shipment quantities in and fields. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you want for the second shipment and etc. Regards, Yuri Pokusaev IBS, Senior Consultant NCPS, NCSD ypokusaev@yahoo.com +7(095)987-8080

Hi Yuri, Thanks for the information, but I’d like to do it in Warehouse Management. Isn’t it possible there? a, If I change the fields you’ve written, I get the following message: Warehouse receive is required for Line No. = 0. The entered information will be disregarded by warehouse operations. b, It is not very nice to modify a released order. c, The warehousman receives goods in Warehouse management (NA3.01). How can I avoid receiving two shipments to the same posting dates? Greeting from Budapest

When posting the warehouse receipts the system updates the sourcedocuments (purchaseorder) and posts that sourcedocument. Therefore it wil take the postingdate from the sourcedocument header. If you do not want to make changes to the postingroutines you have to change the postingdate on the orderheader manualy before posting the receipt. Willy

Hi, Soya. I entirely agree with Willy. NA doesn’t provide the service of changing purchase order posting date at the Warehouse Receipt Management screen. You have to do it manually at the Order Entry screen. Nevertheless, nobody prevents you from improving your NA database functionality. The way I propose described as follows (in my opinion :)): 1. You have to define a new field in the table “Warehouse Activity Line” for posting date allocation. Or you can use the existing filed “Starting Date” for that purpose. 2. Drag this field onto the “Whse. Receipt Subform” form. 3. Open the codeunit “Whse.-Post Receipt”, find the function definition “PostSourceDocument” and do following modifications: 3.1 Add the local variable - dOrderPostDate: Date 3.2 Modify the code as shown below: … “Source Type”::Purchase: BEGIN CLEAR(PurchPost); COMMIT; PurchHeader.Receive := TRUE; PurchHeader.Invoice := FALSE; PurchHeader.“Posting from Whse. Ref.” := PostingReference; // -------------------------- // MODIFICATION 1 BEGIN // -------------------------- dOrderPostDate := 0D; IF WhseActivLine2.“Starting Date” <> 0D THEN BEGIN dOrderPostDate := PurchHeader.“Posting Date”; PurchHeader.“Posting Date” := WhseActivLine2.“Starting Date”; END; // -------------------------- // MODIFICATION 1 END // -------------------------- CASE WhseSetup.“Receipt Posting Mode” OF WhseSetup.“Receipt Posting Mode”::“Posting errors are not processed”: IF PurchPost.RUN(PurchHeader) THEN; WhseSetup.“Receipt Posting Mode”::“Stop and show the first posting error”: PurchPost.RUN(PurchHeader); END; PurchPost.ReturnTempWhseActLines(TempWhsePostRef); // -------------------------- // MODIFICATION 2 BEGIN // -------------------------- IF dOrderPostDate <> 0D THEN begin PurchHeader.“Posting Date” := dOrderPostDate; PurchHeader.MODIFY; END; // -------------------------- // MODIFICATION 2 END // -------------------------- … 4. Save & compile the codeunit. So, now you can use the filed “Starting Date” as a new posting date for current receipt. This code just “automate” the posting date modification in the PO header. Good luck! Regards, Yuri Pokusaev IBS, Senior Consultant NCPS, NCSD ypokusaev@yahoo.com +7(095)987-8080