Split one item into 2 different items

A customer cuts a piece of wood so that there are now 2 pieces.

What is the best way to represent this in NAV ?


Item A is 10" x 12"

Customer cuts this into

Item B : 5" x 12"


Item C : 7" x 12"

So Item A is removed from stock and Items B and C are added to stock.

Does this have to be done manually using consumption journals or is there a more elegant way?


Hi David,

You would use either the manufacturing module and the production BOM and then the consumption journal as you suggest.

Or if you don’t need the full manufacturing functionality, then you can use the much simpler Assembly functionality.


i Guess you are split items into two pieces each pieces will have same dimension (5"x12") in this case you can use Item variant Functionality.But I’m not sure how much this functionality works,


Marshal. J