Spiltting ProjectOnAccount SalesPrice

Hi All

I am using Ax 2012 Cu7 R2 .

In Project management and accounting/Common/Projects/All projects/Manage/OnAccount Trasactions

There is customized dialog on the Onaccount Trasactions form of Two field Amount and Date ,if any user give some amount for split then the two record will generate the User inputed amount and another ProjOnAccTrans.editSalesPrice() - amount(User inputed splited amount ) or other field remain same .

I want to split the SalesPrice Amount By using dialog .but How to split that amount because it’s a DataSourse Method "ProjOnAccTrans.editSalesPrice() "

formDataSource = _args.record().dataSource();

kindly mention how to get ProjOnAccTrans.editSalesPrice() method in dialog run method .

or else kindly any help for How to solve this ?