Speeding up the Navision Restore process.


We will be getting a downtime of 2 days for an Upgrade to one of our client who has a 85 GB database. We have a server with 4 Intel Dual Core Processors, 8GB RAM and a 540GB SCSI HardDrive.

We’re following the Upgrade Toolkit methodology to do the upgrade and we’re in the process of restoring a 3.7 backup on a new 4.0 database.

We need to take the bakup of 3.7 database and restore it in 4.0 client. But right now restoration process itself is taking more than 2 days.

Is there any way to make this process faster as we only have time of 2 days to complete the whole upgrade?

Thanx and Regards

First question : SQL or Navision DB?


Navision 3.7 Backup over a 4.0 Database…

But is it on a SQL-DB or a Navision-DB?

Is the log file separated from the data files? Putting everything (data files, log files, system databases) on one hard drive will slow the system down significantly. It’s quite normal for restoring a 85GB database to take 8-10 hours, but 2 days does seem a bit long.


We have two partitions on our server. One for the OS and the other for the databases. Our 4.0 database is on SQL and we’re trying to restore a Navision backup over it.

Place the data and transaction log files on different drives. You’ll find lots of info on server configuration if you search this site.

When creating the empty Navision DB (to prepare for restore), create the files (data and log) large enough that they do not need to expand during the restore.