Speeding up Native DBMS backup !


I’ve not been able to see recent posts on that subject, our DBMS Native (4.0) 64GB takes almost 8 Hrs to backup, anyone out there using some magic trick that could reduce that amount of time considerably?!



If you use a client-backup, you might run it directly on the server.

Or you might use the hotcopy.

For the rest, you can use more RAID1 pairs for the DB-files to increase reading performance and use a RAID10 with some disks to write the backup to.

Of course for best speed: launch the process on the server and read/write on disks on the server (or SAN) (and DIFFERENT disks!).

Native performance = Disks

The fastes way to perform this task is to put the database on a RAID10 or multiple RAID1 set and backup to a different RAID1 or 10 on the same server with a different controler.

Make sure that the read/write cache is optimal.