Speed problem in Nav.5.0

Dear Eric,

hi ! We used to work on Nav.5.0 for the last two year,a Huge customization has been done during devlopment of software.But we are currenty facing the speed problem on some of our reports system will stuck and hang.We run Nav.on sql server but don’t understand why the system took time to get entry posted as well as entering data in it please help…[I]



If you do a search on the forum you’ll find plenty of topics on how to improve the speed of your NAV system. There are many places to start. You should also get in touch with your NAV partner so that they can do an analysis on your system.


Can you please post some data about your system.

  • How big is the database,
  • How are you connecting (local, Terminal server, citrix etc.)
  • how many transactions do you post in a week?
  • How many users, how many of the users are actively entering data, how many are posting.
  • Also full details of server.

Did you have performance tuning done on your system before you went live?

Hi Asnit,

If NAV 5.0 is also taking time to post entries it seems a fault in your hardware or in network connection. Please check the utilisation of network resources.