Specifying Ledger Account??

Hi Guys!!

If I post any journal, It will hit some Ledger account in General Ledger??
My Question is ??
How & Where to specify the Ledger account??

Thanks in Advance!!!

Depends on what journal that you are posting to. You should specify the sub-ledger through posting profile - typically your AR ledger account. (you need to sit down with you accountant and understand what ledger account that he wants to assign to and define that in COA).

Adding some more points…

Ledgers are hit directly as we know. The sub-ledgers are hit as per posting profile. For example we create posting profile for AP, AR. Certain subledgers are directly routed. For example bank accounts. In bank account, we directly specify ledger and not posting profile.

AX posting architecture is mainly designed to work on group basis. For example, item posting is routed through item group and similarly project group. You will also notice that groups (like, item, customer and vendor) are mandatory on their respective master.

Hope this helps.