Specified Host name is invalid

Hi everybody:

I need some help I just installed Nav 2013 and i’m getting the next error: “The specified host name JAZMIN-LAP\NAVDEMO is not valid”.

My environment:

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 for 64b

SQL Server 2012.

Server Name: JAZMIN-LAP

Instance: NAVDEMO

SQL and NAV services are started.

I’ve been looking where change or reconfigure the host name and which would be the right host name in this case

I get this message from the event viewer:

Type: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.NavServerAddressInvalidConfigurationException

SuppressMessage: False

FatalityScope: None

Message: The specified host name JAZMIN-LAP\NAVDEMO is not valid.


en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.ClientUserSettings.ThrowIfInvalidServerValue()

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.ClientUserSettings.ValidateServerValue()

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.ClientUserSettings.set_Server(String value)

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.ClientUserSettings.LoadBasicSettings()

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.ClientUserSettings.LoadSettings()

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.WinClient.WinFormsSettings.LoadSettings()

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.WinClient.WinFormsSettings.CreateInstance(String fileName)

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.WinClient.WinFormsSettings.CreateInstance()

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.WinClient.StartWinFormsClient.CreateWinFormsSettings(String forcedClientUserSettingsFileName)

en Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.WinClient.StartWinFormsClient.CreateAndConfigureWinFormsSettings()

Source: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.ServiceConnection

HResult: -2146233088


I just found the offending config file.
In the folder: C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Microsoft Dynamics NAV \ 70
is the ClientUserSetting.config file

The RTC could not start because it has

instead of:

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