Specific User can login the dynamics AX


I want to know which AX class or table can be used to specify that only this i.e. spmoss user can login to dynamics ax. if any other user try to login the AX system will not allow to login.

You already have an option for this. You can disable the use in AX. Why do you need a class or table?
technet.microsoft.com/…/aa548139.aspx (see for Enabled field)

How would names of some kernel classes would help you? Don’t you rather want to tell us more about your actual problem with logging in?

Thanks for reply

Actually i am only able to login to ax with specific user which is “spmoss” now i want that ax should be able to login with other users although all user is enabled in activer directory . Someone told me that in X++ user name and password is hardcoded with “spmoss” user that’s why you are not able to login ax with other user. You can only login AX with “SPMOSS” User.

Now i want to now in which class or table username and password can be fixed.

You must add users in AX, not just in AD.
There is no special user in AX called spmoss. It’s probably the AD account you or your administrator used to install Dynamics AX and nobody has added any other users yet.


Can you tell me the AX Class name in which username and password can be validate with AD

No, I can’t. It’s handled somewhere in AX kernel, so we don’t have to such code.
But it doesn’t seem to be related to your problem anyway.