Specific unit cost for machine center

Dear All,
When I put a check in the specific unit cost field in the
certain work center whose have a machine center,
I wish the system calculates single lev.cap. cost based
on unit cost per of the machine in the routing line that
s differ from unit cost and direct unit cost in the machine
card. The routing consists of 2 machine ctrs and 2 work ctrs.
all operations have unit cost per 500 in the routing line,
but 1000 in their cards.
I can’t understand the system still use 1000 for the machine
but the work centers are correct when calculating standard
cost. Are there another set up must be done ? I await your
answer so much. tks in advance.



I believe the field only exists on the work centre and therefore only applies to the work centre. As a work centre is a large geenric area they give you the ability to take the routing cost, whilst the machine centre is specific, a person or a machine, and therefore the cost against the machine centre should be accurate so why take a routing specific cost.

I suggest you log it with your NSC, as Microsoft for an explanation and then place it as an enhancement request [:D]