Specific Costing w/o Serial No.

Is it possible to apply specific costing method where item is tracked on the basis of Lot No only?

As per the coding in OnValidate trigger of Costing method field in Item table NO

ItemTrackingCode.GET(“Item Tracking Code”);

IF NOT ItemTrackingCode.“SN Specific Tracking” THEN



ItemTrackingCode.FIELDCAPTION(“SN Specific Tracking”),


FIELDCAPTION(“Costing Method”),“Costing Method”);

Can anyone please suggest what should I do (customization) to make this functionality workable?

Please describe the business scenario and requirement for specific item costing with no tracking. If you book 2 in and one is $100 and the other is $30 and you sell one - which one have you sold without tracking? How does the system actually know how to apply the cost? Think about it without the software for a minute.

Steven - a quick idea…

Although I have never used the functionality under Appl.-to Item Entry Field in SO line… maybe this solves the case?

Is there anybody out there

[quote… [:D]
] who has experience with the above?

My instinct says no because specific costing is arguably at an individual receipt level, you could not have it as specific so it would be average/fifo and the apply to entry would this push the actual cost? Anyway what would this be costed at at the time of the receipt in these instances as average is held. My doubt is what it would do with the cost and how it would push it through.

Still a good shout, worth a test - 4+ years now since I opened NAV hence my lack of postings :slight_smile:

My further doubt would be the users willing to manually apply it in this manner over time, so the costing shifts. Still depends upon the business requirement and the results of the testing.

Hi Adam / Modris,

Here is my business scenario:

The requirement is for a manufacturing company where the cost of that particular raw material varies vastly in each purchase. The purchase of raw material is done in KG where lot no is provided by the vendor. The consumption is done in GM (from production journal) and the cost of the manufactured good should be calculated based on the cost of those specific lots consumed during the manufacturing process. In a single production order, same raw material from different lot could be applied. Here creating serial no is not practical. So, what would be the best approach to deal with this situation?


My memory says the costing as standard does not do this, FIFO is FIFO irrelevant of the batch used. You are however doing batch costing, not specific costing. I would test the current FIFO costing with mixed batches after the ACIE has been run. I would also test the applied item entry, I believe this would work in the scenario you are proposing as per the suggestion of Modris, but you need to test this. Basically the application will use the specific batch cost.

Have fun.

Modris suggestion is the best and safe way to fulfill you’re requirement, of course to make it consistent between lot no. and entry no. to apply you should do a customization. I’ve done customization using apply-to / apply-from, but in my case i did for transfer order, our client using average costing but when receiving goods from transfer order they have a requirement the cost must same with the transfer shipment (not average just like standard NAV).

It works after the Apply-to-entry is filled-up while posting consumption. As Aloi says, it better to customize the system as such after selecting the lot no, apply-to-entry is updated auomatically.

Thank you all for your generous support.