Special Unit of Measure

HI, can one assign any other unit of measure other than ‘Time’ and ‘Unit’ in Routing Card? The requirement is: The operation is ‘Painting’ and the costing is based on Per Square Foot’ and not based on the time spent on the entire operation? How to address this issue? Thanks and Regards. Vijay

Can Sq.Ft be your unit of measure?

Hi Vijay I presume you are referring to the unit cost calculation held against the work centre? The costing choices are hard-coded so the cost of production is calculated on time or units. If you have one work centre for your paintshop then this cost is probably as standard, time based. You know the paint shop currently costs per square foot, you will also know the size of the sheets and the time it takes to paint. In the work centre the unit cost calcualtion can be set to time, and the UOM to minutes, the unit cost (that you will need to recalculate) will be based upon the cost of painting per minute, irrelevant of the square footage. In the routing you then enter the time to paint and the cost is correctly calculated. If your figures are currently costed per square foot and you do not want to recalculate them you will need to modify all of the work centre, routing and production costing routines to create a new “unit cost calculation” but I would guess this is not a small task.