Special Orders vs. Drop Shipments

Can anyone please explain me the difference between Special Orders and Drop Shipments. To me they seam to be two of the same.

Hi, The difference is that when selling on Special Order the goods go via your own storage, where as Drop Shipment go directly from vendor to customer. The difference in Navision is that when shipping an sales order that have Drop Shipment, Navision also automatically receive the purchase order (in and out at the same time). This is not done with Special Order. The advantage with using Special Order is the use of Requisition Worksheet where you can collect all sales orders with Special Order and create purchase invoices for these (and then it also connect sales with purchase). Best regards Daniel

I woul’d say: Read the on-line help [;)]

Lars, In this case the online help is not to much help. But I’d love to read the manual. If you got one! [;)]

Sorry, but I haven’t got hold of them either [:D]. Would really like to se real manuals. But what would the size of them be?? I remember 0,5m on the shelf for 2.60, and there’s a lot more functionality nowadays… BTW: Here’s a snippet from the manual we have today [;)] Creating Special Orders You can create a special order for a specific nonstock item to be shipped to a specific customer. Your vendor ships the item to your warehouse and you can then ship the item on to your customer either independently or together with other items on another order.