Special items - No Cost Testers

Hi all! my customer manages some items that are testers ( perfume in the retail industry). When they order 100 units of item ABC which is a perfume, they received 100 units and 10 units that are testers( at no cost, just the excise tax that must be paid ). How can I manage those items? Thanks

Do you treat them as separate items? Ex/ Item 123 - XXX Perfume Item 124 - XXX Perfume Tester

Yes I can treat them as separate item or Not. What is the best thing to do without customisation?

You could buy 100 + 10 units (2 purch-lines, separate prices). I would prefer 2 item-numbers, though - mainly because of the cost-value.

Thanks guys for help. i will create 2 item numbers for that.

Tatiana, one thing not clear, the testers, are they true testers, or are they “freebies”… by that I mean:- If the perfume is 50ml, and the tester is a 10 ml sample, then definitely use different item nos. If the tester is basically just a free bottle of perfume, also a 50ml bottle, then I would use the same part number. If the sample is 50ml and has special labeling that says “Tester NOT for resale” then also use DIFFERENT part numbers. I really should know this shouldn’t I, since its one of my major purchase products on every business trip. But I never noticed if the testers are actually differentiatable from the sellable product

Thanks David for that input. In fact, testers are the same product but for free and yes there is a mention on it " Not for sale". So i will still need different item code, right??

Probably yes, since fro inventory etc. you will need to be able to differentiate. For example in the computer industry, its common for a distributor to recieve 5% of parts at no cost in return for not getting warranty, in this case you simply reduce the cost by 5%. In your case, the items really are free, its not a 10% discount, and at inventory time these items will be seperately reported, so create seperate items, unless there is a reason not to. Also from memory, all these Duty free shops (and from all your postings over the last week, I guess you have a duty free shop customer [:D]) generally offer 25, 50 and 100 ml perfumes etc, but the samplers are always the same size, so I am guessing that they really are a different item. Still easier would be if they just sold the Perfume to the duty free shops in 100l drums for $1.00 a litre, and then charged them $50 per bottle, since we all know that its just the bottle we are paying for.