Special characters

Hi everyone, One of my clients needs to be able to enter in a text field special characters like the copyright sign. Does anyone know how to do it without code? That is by simple user entry? Thanks, Cristi Nicola

For symbols I use ALT + a number. The Copyright-symbol is Alt + 0169. I cannot help you with a list of all the numbers and their symbols. But when you want to use a symbol you can use the Symbol-option of Word to find it out.

Hi, I have a simular problem, my customer is in the chemical industry, and he wants to enter chemical formulas in description fields (you know like an H followed by a 2 in superscript). any ideas ? Francis

If you are running Win2000, you may use C:\WINNT\system32\charmap.exe (selected in Start/Programs/Accessories/“System Tools”/“Character Map”): find your character, press Select and then Copy; select Paste in Navision. Anyway - “²”=Alt+253

Sorry, used the wrong name, the 2 is not in superscript but in subscript, it is e.i. Hanging on the H. Indeed 2 and 3 in superscript are available in most of the fonts.

Look at your keyboard, for H² press ALTGR and 2.

Hi The problem is that Navision dosn’t have a control to handle RichText (Formattet text). A solution could be to find a font (or make one) with the needed characters. Then set the FontName property of the Description field. Regards Janus

Hi,Cristi Nicola Glabal Var Name DataType Subtype Length MSC Automation ‘Microsoft Script Control 1.0’.ScriptControl chr10 Text 30 chr13 Text 30 chr34 Text 30 CREATE(MSC); MSC.Language:=‘vbscript’; chr34:=MSC.Eval(‘chr(34)’); chr10:=MSC.Eval(‘chr(10)’); chr13:=MSC.Eval(‘chr(13)’); Best Regards Valery Grigoriev Russia