Special characters in a text constant (NAV 2009 R2)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a text constant with some special characters like ä or ü.
The thing is when I try to type a special character, for example ä in its caption value(DEU=ä…), it is changed automatically to ae after I save it.
I need to print this text in a classic report.
What shall I do to keep the special characters?

Thanks in advance pastedimage1473879990126v1.png

Hi Poppins,

We are having the “same” problem here in Denmark with ÆØÅ. Especially our Ø is problematic.

But you have to remember that your old NAV 2009 R2 is really based on ASCII - not unicode like most other systems.

So you need to change your “native” codeset in Windows to DEU also!

Go into regional settings in the control panel:

Then click “Change system locale” and change it into DEU.