Spam recruitment?

Anyone else get a recruitment email through the from Alexis Sermbezis at Stream Technology Limited. [?] Probably only relevant to UK users as the contract is in the UK in house - but you never know!

Yeah, I got that one about 45 minutes ago

Please everyone who get this report it here. If I get one or two more of these message then I will block him until it stops. The thing is with these recruitement emails that many users like to receive them but most don’t. Every recruiter are welcome to sign up as a sponsor and post their positions on the website if they want. But doing it this way is spam - if you haven’t had a change to say if you want the mail or not.

PS: Could you please tell me the member no. or name of this spammer?

Despite calling himself a “specialist recruiter” he obviously doesn’t know that an “NSC qualification” is used for companies not for individuals and besides that he can’t spell (“easily role on” instead of “easily roll on”). Cheers John

John, I guess you also got one from him? [;)]

Erik, I can’t find the Member No, but if you search for User Name: ‘A Sermbezis’ you’ll find him. Interestingly, he only started as a member today…

Erik, I have just rec’d the email from Alexis Sermbezis. Regards Debbie

Also just received this mail! Regards AndyP

Hi Erik Looks like he has spammed the UK - slap him down for us [:D]

Also got the mail. Isn’t Alexis a girl’s name?

Grrr! [:(!] I got this too… Send him to the sin bin! [}:)]


Originally posted by PaulBradbury
Also got the mail. Isn’t Alexis a girl’s name?

If he/she is Greek (or of Greek origin), it might as well be a man’s name. Remember Anthony Quinn starring as Alexis Sorbas? [8D]

I got this email yesterday at about 12 noon. The bloke (my opinion) is clearly a joker and i can’t wait for the day he is expelled from the forum to ‘role on’. Details i have from the email are the same as those posted above. Hope this helps.

I’ve sent them a warning last night. If anyone had a mail sent today (2/26/03) then please let me know. If they are not going to stop and they are not posting an excuse here to this fora, then I’ll put them on the MBSUG BLACKLIST! [:0]

So, not all of the UK then. He spammed some of my colleagues (John Small & Debbie), but not me. Wonder what’s wrong with me ? Must be too rich for his blood [:D]

Actually Jan, I think it might be because your name is ‘too Jersey’. If you look at the list of people who have reported being spammed, we all have names that seem very British. When you consider how multi-cultural the IT industry in the UK is, it seems very odd to me that not a single person with a surname of foreign origin has reported the spam. To support this, one of my colleagues with an ‘English-style’ surname has received the spam, whilst my Icelandic colleagues who are signed up to the forum have not. Maybe it’s nothing, but it does seem quite a coincidence…

I guess that he didn’t find what he wanted in the first place. I just received a mail from him as well. Now I will put up a general warning against his company…