Spacing between characters

I was wondering, is it in any way possible to adjust the spacing betweeen characters in Navision? Or is it true that the only way to add more space between characters is to put them in an array and in seperate boxes so you can determine the exact position of the characters… Anyone else have some ideas about this? Thanks for your time! Regards, Robin

Hi Robin, You can add spaces in the text by using insstr(str,’ ',3) where ‘str’ is the text and second parameter is spaces and third parameter is postion where u want to add these spaces.But… make sure that the length will not cross the max length of the text field. If u want to display the portions of text, u can copy the specific length of text in variables using copystr function and display them where ever u want. i hope this will be helpful… this is better than array in some cases… Lakshmi Valluru