Space in Invoice


Please be noted that for the past 2 days it has been noted that space between two line in invoice has become more. For example :—

Item Code Description Weight/Qty Rate per unit Ases. Value

FG012 Coils 11.160MT 30,000.00 334800.00

11.160 MT 334800.00

Sir, I want the space between the above two lines should be reduced by 1 line.

Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards


What was the change you made to cause this? Did you change the data (setup) or was it programming changes.

If programming then get both objects and compare to see which change caused this. If data its going to be very hard to work out without knowing your system.

Hi Stelco,

happens this “unwanted” space between the lines at every invoice you print or is it only one invoice?

First case: was the invoice report changed? If Yes: have a look at the lines section. I assume that there is a lot of space below the controls and you have to minimize this section by height.

Second case: Are there some empty text lines in the posted sales invoice which may cause the “unwanted” space?

Josef Metz