Hi: The situation at our company is that we have gone live with Axapta but customisation is still on. We are still running on SP3 and have not upgraded to SP4. When I asked our partner about this, I was told that upgrading to SP4 at this point would be difficult and that it should only be done after all customisation is complete (which might take another few months). Is this correct? Or should we be upgraded to SP4 and then continue further customisation? Any advice?

Hi, From a development point of view, upgrading to SP4 involves that every customization to be upgraded manually to SP4. This process will add another few months (or less/more, depending on the number, size and relation to standard Axapta of the custom features) [:)]. However, since the upgrade of custom elements is something you can’t miss (now or later), I am thinking that it’s the same thing to upg. now or to wait until finishing customization. If choosing to upg. now, you’ll have to end up the current enhancements, upgrade the system to sp4, then upgare existing customizations to sp4, then go on with the rest of implementation directly on sp4).

Thanks Ciprian: That sounds logical