Anybody knows when SP3 is being released? I know that it was planned for last quarter this year but I’m a bit unpatiant…



That’s what they claim at “Partner Source”:

Group 1 countries (GR1) is expected to release 23rd October 2006
Group 2 countries (GR2) is expected to release 9th November 2006

Hi Dina

It depends of the country. W1 and version will be release first on the 23rd October 2006 (together with other countries). You can find more information about the release of SP3 on PartnerSource:




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Is there anything particular in SP3 that makes it so important?

one of important things is the new feature for security synchronization. Enhanced vs. standard.
They have not released the documenttation on what they have fixed so we have to wait till they release the document.

Thanks Ahmed,

so does this mean its basically just an EXE/DLL fix for SQL, or is there more?

The documentation is what I was refering to new objects they are going to release.

I just came across SP3 documents these on mibuso…


Remember people that 4.0, SP1, SP2 and SP3 each have their own set of documents that people should really read if upgrading. This way you will not miss out on anything.

Yes, SP3 has got MS SQL 2005 Compilancy so that Business Notification for Dynamics NAV can be installed and run on MS SQL Server 2005.