SP3 problem with system fonts

Hello everybody. We use Axapta in Serbia&Montenegro, but we purchase it from Russian retailers. They send us sp3 for Russian market. In that moment starts a problem. Now, when we decide to install, finaly, sp3 on Axapta, some system fonts and settings has changed, and some font on forms looks different…We set that in true type fonts, but Acrobat reader isn’t able to print the documents as text, just as image. Does anybody now what needs to be changed in Windows registry or somewhere else…do change it on defaults?

Hi, Axapta takes fonts from Tools → Options → Fonts. Here you can change for both reports and forms. Also try to set the regional and language options correctly (under Control Panel). HTH, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi, are you running it in latin or kyrillic characters? Is database initialized for unicode, it should be if runnng cyrillic. Is there the russian DIS-layer with labelfiles nstalled, do you need it? Windows keyboard and coutry settings are done in national-settings of the control panel The mappings between keyboard codes and windwos are done via Advanced button. They affect also mappings beween db and screen. Be avare of the problem that the advanced mappings are stored into registy and are for local machine. I’m just working out this problem for some of our customers but not sure for all details yet. Let’s hope some russian expert sees this discussion and helps us. br,

Thanks for advices, but I don’t explain this write…Axapta works normal, and the fonts are normal…just other windows program doesn’t look normal. For example Acrobat reader. The documents isn’t available any more to print as text, just as image. Before sp3 ther was possible.