Source Currency in General Ledger

Hi My customer want to see source currency in general ledger. If there a way to handle it ?? Tks![:D]

Can u be more specific what u mean by General Ledger in COA or any other form.

Ok! My customer LCY is in USD and Maintain ACY as SGD on top of these 2 currecies they will like to see the orginal source currency when they look at the G/L entry. For E.g. They issue a payment in Yen to vendor and charge to a deposit account. DR Deposit Yen 1,000,000@Ex Rate 0.00909 Therefore LCY = 9,090 CR Bank Yen 1,000,000@Ex Rate 0.00909 and LCY = 9,090 We will be able to see the amount 9,090 in the Chart of account and also in SGD as Navision will auto convert the LCY to ACY (SGD) using the inhouse rate. However the orginal source of Yen will be lost. Is there a way to capture the Yen amount also. Not just in the bank card but in the G/L (Deposit & Bank) Thank U!

Not out of the box. You will have to add fields to the tables and add to the posting function to move the values around. Shouldn’t be too bad to do