SOS Error"Assertion failed: Inventory Profile."

When I run planning worsheet, get an error description"Assertion failed: Inventory Profile."

Who can tell me how to resolve it?


Hi Harison,

I believe you are using NAV 4.0, if so then this is a known issue and Microsoft has a hotfix for it. If you have access to partnersource, then you can download the hotfix from the following link:

To install this hotfix, change the code in the Prod. Order Line-Reserve codeunit (99000837) as follows.
Existing code

In the existing code, delete the line that resembles the following.``

global text const Text005 = Assertion failed: %1

In the function TransferPOLineToItemJnlLine area, complete the following code change.``

EndLoop := NOT ReservEngineMgt.InitRecordSet(OldReservEntry);
IF TransferQty <> 0 THEN

Replacement code``

EndLoop := NOT ReservEngineMgt.InitRecordSet(OldReservEntry);
EndLoop := TRUE;


I am using NAV2009, I try to create a new item(copy the information of the error item) and it is ok, maybe there are some error entry relation the error item.


Sorry, I could not understand the above.

Are you able to run the planning worksheet now or still getting same error?