Sorting report with a field that is not a key

Hai there…

how do i Sorting report with a field that is not a key ??

I have secondary key = field1, field2, field3

I’m using wizard to group those fields…

but I want to sorting that report using field4

how do i do that?

thanks before…

If you are on SQL, you can just add the new key and disable the MaintainSQLIndex. This way you can sort on the key in NAV, but SQL does not have to maintain the key.

If this is not the case, you need to read the records into a temptable. The field on which you want to sort you need to put into a field on which there is a key and then you can use that key to sort on it.

MaintainSQLIndex set to no…

but it still the same… :frowning:

my field1 is date type

how i do i group it by month ??

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT :=

it failed :frowning:

This is not possible.

Either add the key to that table or use a temporary table (based on actual table) to provide the required sorting / sequencing.