Sorting information on Ledger Entries

The sorting of information on ledger entries does not work, eg sorting by ‘Entry No’ by ASC order in Nav 2013 W1.

Does this issue is a bug or some configuration needs to be done?

The issue you raised seemed strange to me, I cross-checked in a clean 2013 W1 DEMO database - there sorting works for all keys and ASC/DESC. You didn’t specify which exact Ledger you are asking about, I looked at GL.

“Entry No” is the main unique index for all Ledger tables. My checking in fact was completely unnecessary, if “Entry No” key was accidentally removed, NAV couldn’t work at all…

If for any reason the key had gone, you should receive err messages when opening any list/page based in that Ledger, is it so?

When Using the ‘Entry No’ as highlighted below, the field is not selected and returned to the second value in the dropdown, i.e, G/L Account No, Posting Date

Yes, looks like your G/L Entry table Key has issue.

By default, it shouldn’t happen. You can’t disable this key be default, it will not compile. But I have an experience that due to some issue, when restoring database, some of these key issues arose.

You can go to “G/L Entry” table, (17) using development environment tool and go to view the “Keys”, if “Entry No.” is not enabled, enable it and compile to see if you can do it.

It’s an error in NAV 2013. You cannot select other keys from the Ledger Entry tables.

But user was saying he can’t select the default “Entry No.” instead of other keys.

Yes, and that is the problem/error.