sorting in reports

I need to disply result sort by user defined parameter…

for example in report 120 Aged Accounts Receivable… the sort is there on customer key…

but user want to sort by ‘balanace’ or ‘not due’ values based on his choice of selection at time running report

Hi Sharpblue,

Well I’m sorry to say that this is not possible. At least not without modifications and it surely not one of the most easy modifications to do. Take a look at report 111 (Customer Top 10 List) to get an idea.

The problem is that Navision needs that the field you want to sort on needs to be indexed in the database. And neither the “Balance” or other amount fields on the customer is actually in that table. Instead the fields are calculated at run time.

i checked report 110…its using Customer Amount table to store value temporary and sort…

but in my report, we have lot of fields, how can i proceed.

futher, i would like to discuss of sorting in reports in Attain in general too…

sorry its report 111 Top 10 customer

Yes it’s also sorting the values temporary in report 111. And that’s really the only way to do it in the classic client. I don’t know if it’s possible to do differently with the new role based client.

Hi Sharpblue,

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