Sorting based on description


I want to sort a report based on Item Name / Variant name. I am using the table Item ledger entry. Since i have only Variant code available in Item ledger entry table, how can i sort the records based on Itemname / variant name.

Thanks in advance



Why u required to sort the report based on Description As you have item code /variant code avialble with you.

It is always better you sort on the Code field and not on description.

Anyway Add key in the Table for Itemname/Variantname.



Hi Amol,

Thanks for the reply. Actually my customer wants the report to be sorted based in the alphabetical order of Item name / variant name . If i sort the records based on codes, then the report will not show the records sorted in alphabetical order , rite .

Is there any other option rther than adding fields , like whether i can manage it through code itself ??


He mentioned create KEY and not field.

“Anyway Add key in the Table for Itemname/Variantname.”

Hi Dhan Raj,

How can i create keys in the table for itemname and variant name as those fields doesnt exists in the table?

For setting the keys , I am getting only the fields which are available in the table.


If it is really required, then you can ad these fields to the table and you will have to do changes in posting routines also, so that the data populates there on posting and for already posted data, you need to create a processing only report. But mind you creating keys in Ledger Entries tables can affect the performance significantly.

If you are not a partner (have developer license), then you will not be able to do this.

Yes, that is true.