Sort order of ageing buckets on CustVendAgingStatistics form

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before.

Firstly, in Sales ledger → Statistics → Ageing Buckets you create a new Ageing Bucket with at least nine lines in the specification. Then you view the customer balance and open the ageing buckets form and select the new ageing bucket but the sort order on the form is incorrect.

I can see what the issue is and it’s present in AX v4.0 and 2009 but I can’t see a fix on PartnerSource anywhere and don’t have a 2012 system that I can check.

The class, CustVendAgingStatistic, that populates the temporary table from which the form reports data populates the AccountNum field on this table with an integer value and uses this to sort on. However, as this field is a string when you get to buckets with nine or more lines the sort order on the form is corrupted.

Any thoughts or suggestions greatfully received :slight_smile: