Soon to be new to freelancing

Hi there,

Just about to take the first steps into the Dynamics Freelance market and would appreciate any tips and contacts in North West UK.



In which area training , consulting or development as I did a lot for sometime but only in custom training (99% of time on weekends, infact all 52 [:D] ) while working as full-time consultant with a partner. I used to get clients from CPLSs and during training I used to get some offline work or work to get done from developers.

Hi Kapil,

Thanks for the interest.

I intend to concentrate on consulting with implementation - most of my exposure is of AX version 4 but I have a good understanding of the Dynamics 2009 modules as well. Most of my experience to date is in re-engineering company procedures to take best advantage of the functions of Dynamics whilst providing one to one training on Financials, CRM and Trade & logistics.

Feedback so far from recruitment agencies is to join a Gold partner in an employed capacity but I’m not sure that this is the right move - hence joining this forum. I have the opportunity from a finance perspective to try the freelance route so I intend to research this option.

I’m under contract til the end of June this year followed by holidays in July - so August this year is the time I will be looking seriously.



Looking in August could be too late!

My experience is that you need to build a pipeline of prospects. Then you can manage the work schedule rather than the work scheduling you.


That was my first reaction. I would say if you start looking now you MIGHT get some work before the end of the year. It typically takes 3 months or so to get the first clients coming in. As a freelancer you want 3-5 solid clients to be safe, and you wont find them over night.

If four weeks holiday are important right now, maybe its not the right time to move to Freelancing. Maybe what the recruiters say is correct. Or many try to find a permanent contract. Contracting work is far more stable than Freelancing.

Also answering your original question, the success of a Freelancer depends on having a unique ability to set you apart from the rest. You need to develop and concentrate on that skill. It its BRP then well and good, but consulting and training are not things that companies use Freelancers for.

Oh and learn what product you are working with. Dynamics is a lot of products, and you mayl get highly embarrassed when you find yourself on a Solomon or Great Plains project.

They do obviously but much less than developers.

I actually worded that wrong. I was referring to:

My experience is that if a Company implementing an ERP system want to call in a Freelancer and pay Freelancing rates, they want more than a Consultant Trainer, so the fact that you have Experience in BPR, that is where you should concentrate. Most companies will stick with their Axapta Partner for training and consulting, where you add value is in helping the customer understand their business in relation to Axapta. Basically the company is going to you because you have experience in an area that they don;t get from their Partner OR because they need unbiased advise on how to implement, which technically you could call Consulting, but at a much higher level.

As to development, I really think this is an area that Freelancers should stay away from. For sure design and review of code is OK, but if at all possible leave programming to the Partner.

Also take a look at this blog from Alex Chow: it is very good reading.

Hi all,

Could any expert explain about the BPR examples when it comes to Navision.

Please share your experience.

Hi all,

Could any expert explain about the BPR examples when it comes to Navision.

Please share your experience.

Business Process Review, because he said “Most of my experience to date is in re-engineering company procedures to take best advantage of the functions of Dynamics”

I understand the meaning of BPR, what i would like to know the Examples when you are implementing the Navision.

Please share .

It happens any time that a company puts an orchestrated effort into analyzing and/or modifying their business processes in order to be more efficient. Go to your library or your local bookstore or to find tons of books on the subject.

I actually find it difficult to believe you do understand the concept of the BPR with that statement.

You are asking the poster to give examples of how Navision was applied to a BPR process. So we restructured the sales order process, and used Navision for sales orders, is that enough? Or are you asking the poster to upload the document on how the BPR was conducted and how this was applied to Navision - and of course all of the other businesses they have done this for because each business is different.

Examples, examples, examples, why not think of some of these yourself? You have been posting on here for some time now and must have experience to apply business knowledge to software knowledge?

The fact that you ask the question infers that it can’t be answered in a way that you would understand.