some retail transactions suddenly appearing as an open sales order !!!!


any body has an idea why most of normal transactions (item sold by retail pos) appearing as an open sales order ?

iam really confused why some transactions appearing there and if I invoiced them, the transaction will be duplicated financialy or not?

did any one faced something like this before?

by the way i have created walk on pos customer account that belong to one store and all transaction there appeared on that customer account.

as I know these transactions should be posted automatically without appearing as a sales order.

any advice or help would be highly appreciated


I am not sure but earlier some version had issue of orphan transactions being created in system. These were created in inventtrans without much reference. I guess there must be some hotfix for this.

Also, if there are some redundant transactions, i will suggest you to run consistency check once. That should probably delete orphan transactions. Try to run the consistency check in any test environment and see if it helps.