Some questions about Physical inventory

Hi , Pls if you see my questions too much … just help me how can i use this function calculate inventory correctly Question1 Any one knows from where this field is filled?? In Whse Physical inventory journal … there is a field name Qty (phy. Inventory). In version 4 & in this form GO to fucnction Calculate Inventory Then you see this field is filled . I was supposed to have it = to Qty calculated. What if I have in this field Qty Phy inventory > than the Qty calculated? From where is fetching this data <> from calculated Qty --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 2 We used to have Registering button on the form of Whse Physical inventory journal in version 3.7. Is this now replace by post the journal in version 4 ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 3 It 's the first time I am doing calculate inventory . Item AAA Qty calculated = 12 Qty (phys. inventory) = 14 then after posting in version 4 . DO I suppose to have in Registery/ warehouse entries 2 entries one negative for adjustment bin and one postive for the assigned one . IF I am getting only the one for adjustment bin ? what can be the reason to miss the other entry --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you

In version 4 if I run this process the Warehouse Physical Inventory Journal creates the “Qty. Physical Inventory” field to zero - this is different to the physical inventory journal which populates this field with the Qty. Calculated. I do not believe you are running the Warehouse Physical Inventory Journal. I believe this because of your second question, mine still has a registering button [:D]. Where are you running yours from - not the “Physical Inventory Journal” under the warehouse option?

Thank you steven for your help Sorry… but I am running Warehouse-----> Inventory -----> Phy. Inventory journals and couldn’t see register Can you tell me the no. of the form to check it more . the no. of the form that i have 392 that I am talking about .

Hi Jouhayna That is NOT the “Warehouse” Physical Inventory Journal [:D] Try: Warehouse - Goods Handling Multiple Orders - Periodic Activities

Hi steven , You are more than absolutely right. Thank you for your support . all my questions in this topic are answered automatically when I am putting on the right form . Have a good day .