Some questions about e-commerce stuff

Got some questions about e-commerce stuff that my local NSC could not answer: 1. How much will Commerce Portal (WebShop ver. 2 if I’m not mistaken) and Commerce Gateway will cost in those C/SHELL’s (I assume that prices in them should be basically the same in Europe)? 2. Did anyone had chance to look at those 16 XML schemas that are promised to be there with Commerce Gateway? We are currently considering moving to Navision Solutions (or it will be already Attain then), and one of the reasons of possible move is e-commerce features of Navision that look very strong. As I understood Commerce Portal/Gateway are promised to be somewhen in 4th quarter of 2001 (at least here in Latvia). We don’t want to loose time and could start some migration work already if we could be sure that these things will look as good as they are described. Did anyone seen them/worked with them (especially with Commerce Gateway)? Best Regards, Sergey

Hi Sergey, Regarding the price of CP and CG. Commerce Portal: - The W1 version has been released. 42000 C/SHELLS Requiers: Basic Contact Management and Navision Application Server. Commerce Gateway - The W1 version has been released. Commerce Gateway Basic: 28000 C/SHELLS Unlimited number of partners: 28000 C/SHELLS (=Document flows) Requiers: Navision Application Server. Both CP and CG will be able to run on a 2.65 client/server (which basically is 2.60 client/server with extended functionality, it connects towards a 2.60 database) Attached is to a PO, SO and a map between these documents. download

Tanx, Bruno. Exactly what I needed. Best Regards, Sergey

Sorry, offtopic but can someone give an exchange rate between C/Shells and a reasonable currency such as $, £ or €? ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Here it’s 100 C/SHELL = 16.5 Latvian Lats, that is about 25 USD. Best Regards, Sergey