Some problem about the applies entry function

Hi every one. I don’t sure about this problem.It is a bug or human error. We use version 3.01.Our data on year between 2002 and 2003.Some customer ledger entry have the type is invoice was applied by the payment entry.Which the program will be created a entry to settle with the invoice was applied.New entry have the entry type is application and the program fill in the date in the posting date field on the day that you use this function.I meet some problem,when I drill down in the remaining amount field in the customer ledger entry,the applied entry have the date in the posting date field is same the invoice entry and have the document no is same the invoice entry. (Applied entry was created after create the invoice 7 days) I want to know.Is this a bug or human error?

HI, The applied entry posting date and document no depend on the entry your cursor is on when you post the application. refer to TOPIC_ID=7870 for further reference. regards