Some of Debuggin doubts


I am very new to axapta and previously worked on C platform, I am using Ax4 sp2

While debuggin i noticed some thing and i have some doubts.

  1. When i point to keyword ‘this’ in debuger, it shows “new”. Wat does it exactly means?

  2. When i point to keyword ‘element’ in debuger, it show “new,SysSetupFormRun”, Wat it means?

Also, wat is effective way of debugin in axapta? by using F10 or F11? please help answr these quesstions

thanks to all,



“This” key word is same as "This"key word that we have in c++; it points to the current instance of the class.

I am not very much sure about Element but it also holds the intance of the form ie is class syssetupformrun.

F10 does not go inside the function which is present inside another function where break point has been put;

for example suppose there are two function A() and B() an B() is present inside A(). If you have put a break point in A() and use F10 to debugg then the debugger will not go inside B().

where as if you use F11 it will go.

Use of F10 And F11 depends upon case to case .

Suppose if the eror is in A() only then you should use F10 only.