some empty fields in general posting group

Dear All,
In the general posting groups, there are several fields that I don’t know their uses especially whether they will be used in a certain company or not. The fields are:

  1. Purch. Pmt. Disc. Debit Acc.

  2. Purch. Pmt. Disc. Credit Acc.

  3. Purch. Pmt. Tol. Debit Acc.

  4. Purch. Pmt. Tol. Credit Acc.

  5. Sales Pmt. Disc. Debit Acc.

  6. Sales Pmt. Disc. Credit Acc.

  7. Sales Pmt. Tol. Debit Acc.

  8. Sales Pmt. Tol. Credit Acc.

Could you tell me if you have had experience to use the 8 fields I mentioned? I know that it will relate to purchase and sales to both particular combination of business posting group and product posting group, but my problem is why the fields in the cronus int’l database are empty. I expect your answers so much.


Name of the fields says everything:

If customers wish to track discount amounts on purchase/sale on separate accounts of COA he will put accounts in these applicable fields. Cronus Demo db is set as a Real company with realistic requests/business needs. Very few customers will wish to track these values on COA but, if they want, they can.

Tks for your answer. So, it decide to use the fields if I want to track all discount amounts on purchase/sale but on SEPARATE accounts of COA. The usages of the fields are clear for me.

Other fields that I am still confusing are

  1. interim / accrual fields in the posting group, i.e. do I have to create account for it, if not what will be happened…?

  2. how to implement perpetual inventory system in Navision especially what accounts that ae needed.



tks for your answer. so I decide that I have to use it if I want to track discount amounts on purchase or sales on SEPARATE accounts. Just to tracking only, isn’t it…? I am also still confusing other fields in the posting setup i.e:

  1. interim/accrual, do I have to use it or not, if I don’t use it what will be the effects in my system or navision…?

  2. How to implement perpetual inventory system in Navision especially inventory posting setup, purchase account (because if using perpetual, there will not be needed purchase account).



Hi Mark

Please STOP posting the same question in different posts. For this reason I have locked this message.